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I approach every project with lots of planning, whiteboard brainstorming, and numerous cups of coffee. Take a peek at some of my latest work.



Saints + Strategies - 2022 Capstone Project

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In the age of interactive media and technology, it is important that no one is left behind. That includes your favorite restaurants all the way to your local church in your area. This project is where I spent time with churches to develop a step-by-step guide on how to meet today's audience using the last thing they think about but the first thing they need- social media. 

White Paper - The Effects of Church Marketing 


How Global Christian Congregations Respond To Church Marketing And Technology Tactics And Utilize Them To Build Communities Outside Of The Pews To Foster Meaningful Connections That Grow Their Faith

Social Media Content - Elon iMedia Apprenticeship 


Content creation, Strategy, Analytics, Graphics, and lots of Hootsuite for the School of Communications Graduate Program. 

Ninos De Nueva Esperanza Social Media & Brand Strategy Process 


An accelerated yet impactful study away experience that brought forth great experiences and even better (digital) impact. 

Alexis & Co. Brand Architecture 

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A look behind the logo and into the depths of the company's branded infrastructure and future positioning throughout a semester's course.

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Real people. Real passions. Real solutions. With a faith-based backbone, I've connected with some of the most dedicated small business owners, churches, and brands on the grow. See how I've helped them ditch their fear of showing up on social by kickstarting accounts and enhancing strategies. 

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