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I'm a proud HBCU Alumna and tapped into my love of communications, storytelling, and the evolving trends of social media during my time at Hampton University. 

Some of my "Comms" journey includes being the marketing intern for Homes.Com's Social Fuel team in Norfolk, VA, and I am blessed to have had a hand in social media for about 4 years. 

​I founded my freelance business: SEEK Media Solutions, to digitally connect with churches and brands that may not have large resources, but serve with large hearts. I've loved crafting signature messaging, social media presences, and visual identities for 9+ organizations.

I received my Master of Arts in Interactive Media from Elon University's School of Communications and currently reside in Raleigh, NC while working as a Social Media Specialist at a national ad agency based in downtown. 

I'm on a mission to lend strategic and creative insight to excellence, quality, and luxury brands through messaging, visuals, and social media tactics that connect with their audience.  

Thanks for stopping by, 

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